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May 18th, 2017 · 26 mins 36 secs

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Heidi Thompson has released a book all about being unpopular! Check out the website and grab the book here or get it straight from Amazon!

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the unpopular podcast Josh with us here. Your host. And today's episode is about someone that is running an unpopular business but also they help people walk down that path towards unpopularity that is building a niche business. This is so of the wedding industry. But I hope it applies to people outside of as well as the unpopular podcast the whole unpopular deal. It's not just about wedding industry people it's about everyone building a missional business. So in this building their business hopefully business be sustainable excitable. And so I thought that today's guests could just introduce herself. [37.5]
[00:00:37] I'm Harry Thompson and I hope wedding professionals grow their businesses without going crazy in the past US going crazy. [8.1]
[00:00:46] The fun part. Like why. What all the psychologist going to do when we put them out of work. That's terrible. I feel sorry for the psychologists. [12.4]
[00:00:59] Well what what led you into you into helping what business businesses like what is your what is your Genesis What does your Wikipedia page look like. [6.1]
[00:01:06] So it all pretty much started when if you want to go way back on I was in college I were working on events fundraising events for the last time for nonprofits. And I loved it and I loved everything about the events the marketing of them because I was involved in both. [17.8]
[00:01:25] And that led me to you know different jobs in the non-profit world but also branching out into the wedding world where I worked as an assistant to a wedding planner and I have all the respect in the world for wedding planners. [13.8]
[00:01:39] It's too high stress for me. I'm not my thang by I always really loved the wedding and the service that was a really interesting creative industry. So. [12.2]
[00:01:52] I go about my life I'm living in England and working in different marketing jobs. [7.3]
[00:02:00] And I notice there is this gap in the market in the U.K. where what's coming out of the wedding media it's very fluffy in Fairy Town. But that was the exact opposite of what I saw most of the market going out there. So I created an alternative wedding fare to bring the quirky non-traditional couples together with quirky traditional vendors. And that was where. A smattering in the face that not everybody reads marketing books cause they're fine in that I could actually help these exhibitors that I was spending my time coaching to make sure they got more out of the event where during their marketing and their businesses in a broader way the wedding industry is such a beautiful unique one and I'm sure there's other industries that are like this. [57.5]
[00:02:58] But but what I've found so just captivating about the winning industry is that you've somehow got all of these solar panels these these solar operators and maybe say maybe it's a husband wife maybe it's a solo with one or two staff but all these very small micro businesses that are so heavily driven by a passion like you cannot operate in the wedding industry. If you are just if you are pure capitalistic money driven by your you you just don't roll and then we need this very secret these really small market businesses with these really passionate really creative people and they are just giving it all they've got and their clients are also equally passionate like there's not many impassionate brides and grooms but most people are. Well actually I want to say every single person is planning the best wedding ever. And so there's these mixes of passions and excitement and. [57.9]
[00:03:57] And what is severely lacking is some business acumen and I suppose you've you've really identified that you and I completely agree because most people get into these businesses not because they want to run a business but because they see that as the avenue to spend their time doing whatever craft it is that they love doing the business is really just the vehicle. [23.8]
[00:04:21] Yeah yeah yeah absolutely. It's it's it's a vessel for me to somehow pay rent while I'm doing this thing I really think is awesome. We're just you know pretty important Yeah absolutely. You were you were in the U.K. and now you're in America. [15.4]
[00:04:37] What's what's your journey so pretty much we just get sick of the weather. I mean I think when it came down to my husband's from there so he was like Way overdue. To get away from the weather. But we moved to San Diego where I pretty much sunny every single day and beautiful and it's fun and we shall help. [18.3]
[00:04:56] Have you found the difference in the wedding industry. Because I have as an Australian. I see so many differences between the Australian market and the rest of the world. Have you found the UK to the US and the industry changes. [11.1]
[00:05:07] Yeah the US market is definitely a larger market. [4.1]
[00:05:12] On a per wedding basis people tend to spend more. But sometimes I feel like that can be a little bit deceiving. [9.2]
[00:05:21] Having lived in the UK because you're looking at the numbers of the amount of money people are spending. [7.2]
[00:05:28] But what you're not looking at is cost of living. How much money people are making. So all of those things are variable. But I definitely think in the US it's it's definitely a larger industry and where I am the industry in the city and in Southern California as a whole is huge. [22.8]
[00:05:51] What about the actual operation of weddings. It's like the going to house thing hosting the going to the being in a wedding. Like how are the events different like a tradition church other kind of thing. [13.8]
[00:06:06] Yes so it's it's really a mix and you are so new jetliner your traditional religious weddings but. [7.9]
[00:06:15] I think the younger your demographics skews the more likely it is that you're going to have weddings that are very much. About the people as opposed to being about their traditions that maybe are like their parents or their grandparents had incorporated into their weddings. So it's definitely a very strong thing that I see in the US and industry for sure. [27.4]
[00:06:42] And I know that the majority of the people that listen to this podcast are in Australia and and I think one of the favourite things any country loves is hearing other people talk about its country. How do you how do you see the Australian market. Like have you had much interaction outside of myself and my group. [16.1]
[00:06:59] It's funny. I feel like I mean as a whore. [3.4]
[00:07:03] Australia is in this funny space that somehow in between a married Kim. And it's it's very much in between American and British cultures because it has ties to both. Yeah absolutely. [17.5]
[00:07:20] It's fascinating to me because it's a laid back channel ness like the west coast you are. But there's still so many pieces of British ness involved. [15.1]
[00:07:36] And I just see Australia as you know if there's a Venn diagram and you have the UK on one side and you also on the other side of Australia as what's in the middle. [11.1]
[00:07:48] Yeah totally. It's what overlapping and you know as far as the styles of events I see very similar things in Australia as I do on the West Coast you know much more about how relaxed fun personal events. I definitely see in a much stronger way than I do in the Haymarket. [22.3]
[00:08:11] So the unpopular ideology is that I always speak it in a wedding context that in Australia every year there's a. 130000 weddings. And me as a single person I can't go to every single one of them. And then you break down the numbers and even even if you get to an ideal scenario there's still something like 13000 weddings for me to go to and I can't go to 13000 I don't going to 30 200 hundred thirty sounds lovely. Like [28.3]
[00:08:39] how do you how do you kind of position your book in that kind of ideology. I feel like it's fairly similar and this is obviously a great lesson for you to introduce us to the book. [8.2]
[00:08:48] So the book is called cloning your best clients and the entire of thesis of the book is that. You shouldn't be marketing for the sake of marketing you should be marketing to a very specific person. And what most people do if they've. [16.4]
[00:09:05] Thought about that kind of thing is they've defined their ideal client in these very broad brush stroke kind of ways like they're between 20 and 30. [10.1]
[00:09:16] But obviously there's a lot of people in that demographic and there's a lot of different types of people within that demographic. [7.5]
[00:09:24] So what I'm all about with this book is Finding essentially you are a person possibly someone that you've worked with maybe a couple people that you worked with and digging into who they are as human beings instead of siloing them in to. [15.3]
[00:09:40] Bride groom mother of the bride you know whoever they are. So that you can create marketing that attracts more people just like them and that repels people that are nothing like them. [16.2]
[00:09:56] Man. I love that I've been on my own personal mission over the last five years to get people to stop using the word brides as the client of a wedding industry business or wedding business because although that's definitely indicative of many people there's also humans like clients of what three businesses maybe some of them have a penis. Who knows why. Yeah I know. Spoiler alert. [28.3]
[00:10:26] Yeah. It is the idea that we can try to humanize our clients as it is spectacularly insightful and I hope other children get into it. Who is your best client if your trying to clone your best client who whos your best client. [14.3]
[00:10:40] So there are a couple people that I have worked with that I go back to and I do the same exact practice that I lay out in the book any time I get into that. [10.9]
[00:10:52] Yeah I'm sure you know that weird mode in your business where. Like I could do these things I could do these other things. I don't know what I want to do. I don't know what I need to do. I don't know what I need to focus on. Everything just kind of buzzing right now. There are. [16.4]
[00:11:09] Three women that I go to that I have worked with and I still work with. And I ask them lots of questions about what's going on for them right now. [14.0]
[00:11:24] I begin to you know the things that they're struggling with the things that they wish they would have known a year or two ago because that's the place where someone who is just coming to me is an and every single time I do this I come out of it with so much clarity in knowing exactly what it is I need to do next. [23.6]
[00:11:48] It's just a great way to live. [2.3]
[00:11:50] That's what the book covers the creating a marketing plan or strategies that the U.S. strategy I think of the world. Which which is which is so necessary because it puts a why behind the what. So when you're boosting a post or if you're. Advertising in a magazine you know why how much. Well I say how much I'll rephrase that. I think it's so important to deliver on an amazing journey not only doing the marketing journey but the whole product delivery journey or what not. Do you think that the winning industry is delivering that really well like kind of a to z of the whole business experience. [42.1]
[00:12:32] I think a lot of balls get dropped because so many of us in the wedding industry are solo in because we're so busy working on delivering whatever the deliverable is for our clients whether it's their photos ever ceremony that the touch points go off to the wayside. [23.4]
[00:12:56] You know we don't think that much about how were communicating and keeping the client feeling like everything is on the rails because yeah we know it is cause we are taking care of it but maybe as a planner you haven't talked to him in a month which isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as they know now what to expect and what's going on and what they need to be doing in this period. So I think it's really easy to let things like that slip because you're so focussed on the work. [33.8]
[00:13:30] So that's a really good lead in to my favourite part of the world is getting a little bit nerdy with my automations and apps and tools. Thieves and gadgets and gizmos your you are running a business as much as you're coaching other people through. Is your that by default makes you a business person. What what is it what's an app or a service or something that that has helped you deliver on that journey really well particularly. Maybe it's related to the book maybe it's related to the. I've just had to come up with my own plan kaity the wedding business collective is maybe you know you get caught up eventually like delivering on on that club and delivering the book and coaching. Like what kind of apps and tools are you just just loving at the moment and not the ones that everyone knows about what's or what something kind of unique you feel like. I'm so glad I found this. [58.2]
[00:14:29] So Callon Lee is my life saver and isn't it good. I love it so much. I can just do they can go he's back and forth e-mails about you know we should talk when should we talk. Oh I don't know. Maybe next Tuesday can't do next Tuesday. [17.5]
[00:14:47] So that definitely helps and it helps me extract the information that I need beforehand so from doing a podcast interview if I'm doing one on one call with a client I can collect a piece of information like their bio in their head hard or what it is that's going on in their presence that we're going to talk about so I don't have to waste time on a call with a client getting the rundown of what's happening. [27.3]
[00:15:15] We have a general idea of what's going on and something I've really been loving that I've gotten back into lately is using traveller to manage tasks. And I have I've had an on again off again relationship with charlo as I do many project management tools because I use it when I can. But the way that I found that it works really well for me and this took me a while because trelane was so open you know you can do so much with it. And for me that's daunting that's there's just too many options. I just need a framework. So what I have done is I created a weekly dashboard that I use for myself so I have all the things that I need to do this week in one column. I have my columns for things that are being done currently. Account for things that are waiting on something. Maybe it's a response from someone a file from someone and things that are done and there is so much gratification to physically moving these things through the columns and end to die. And I can see really clearly you know what if anything has gone through the cracks because it's right they're telling me that it's where it is. [1:19.6]
[00:16:35] You know it's interesting hearing your relationship with truly because like like all the all the best nerdy people like Trent you've got to use tremolo. [10.0]
[00:16:45] It's like it's like a passionate religion. [1.6]
[00:16:48] And and of thought are really similar or similar relationships. You know it's been on again off again on again and it's just been off for a while but merely because I think it could be amazing if I had a larger business with more Swarthmore arms and more people. But I I found it really daunting having so much just such a wide canvas I can do anything. And it's actually you and I can't talk about that for the podcast about starting a podcast like I could just see anything in the ligand story again. And some Sometimes a limitation is actually really beautiful and so I've actually moved myself back to a much more simpler to do up to do list. T o t o s t. Purely because it just has that linear like here's the list but it has a little bit more function adultly regarding each item. It's kind of like the apple reminders up on your phone or on your on your Mac but it's just got a bit more context you can schedule things and it also hooks up with all those AP AP AP guys. And yeah. And so I can automate to dos and trillo is so amazingly powerful and I just don't think I've had the day to put aside to actually use it to its full extent. [1:15.1]
[00:18:03] Yeah and I think the a dear thing you can use it for is terrify. Completely. But I've seen it used in ways with this kind of task dashboard kind of thing and so give it a try and it definitely works well for me. And then I don't have those periods where I'm like Would she be doing right now. [23.4]
[00:18:28] Oh yeah and the other thing I really like about hello is you can save checklists with tasks so there is a recurring task. Quitting and promoting a podcast. I can just add that checklist and then I have to go through each of those little checkmarks which in theory is something I would do anyway. [21.4]
[00:18:49] But in practice it's usually Now you know it's funny with my personality is when I get like well when I first find a cello or any of these productivity tools. I've even been guilty of doing this with Colin Lee where I get super excited and like I'm going to use this for average day and then all of a sudden once everything is in their head I look at it and said that's really scary and I just hope I get to go one day or something like that. [32.7]
[00:19:23] It was funny when I started but now now we're now we're we're far too deep. I wanted to share something with clearly if you didn't know because this is a fresh thing and you may be well over this but maybe some people are listening because I know a lot of people listen. News come on Liam and I've just really enjoyed this recently. I know traditionally if you start using cattle only a couple of years ago then you would say I'm available thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Friday is when it's time blubbed that you'd set up these recurring. Every week I'm available. The specific times and if you didn't want to be available on Friday I'm out on Thursday. You would either make that as a blackout day or your calendar or day event. Or you put it your dragon events across that timeslot to say I'm not available which is a little bit clunky but it kind of worked. But they've they've recently added You can set specific availability times per day and so. So my general can only think for in person meetings in my office is Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. And obviously that's relational to my calendar availability. [1:05.5]
[00:20:29] But there was a there was a couple of days where I would be in my office on a Wednesday and those days I would have to manually make an appointment like some would say when we 2:00 smell it actually am available Wednesday but it just did make it available to camilli and tellingly you can now actually set specific availabilities for days that your you weren't previously available or you can say on this day that I am available now available. Different time different periods or they kind of think it's actually become really powerful. [27.2]
[00:20:57] Mean I have to dig in to that because I've definitely done the I'm just going to create an all day event and block it out of my calendar on nothing yet. [7.3]
[00:21:04] Although they may well have fixed this by the time you hear this podcast but this is how this feature is fairly new and aymer's. I've tried to use it two or three times and it always were out and end with all these things. It's designed by humans. There was an area where I would go to the first field to say available from outside say 9am and I'd go nine and then tab and then tatsu the next field and there was the bug in the software. If I if I collect tab it would make an error. So you know let me try tab if it ever is out. [34.1]
[00:21:40] They have fixed fix that they know about it because I had a good chat to them about it. But yeah thats just a little bit of inside baseball if youre getting getting into a can only card on the net. Suppose I hear myself say that you should just add that out. You're such a nerd just now have a card. [17.4]
[00:21:57] It is good to hear things like that. I dont know about that. So I definitely need to try. [4.3]
[00:22:02] I am definitely guilty of being sometimes too focussed on what it is that I am doing at the moment that I block out a little bit too much including things that could make my life a little easier. [12.6]
[00:22:15] And you know what. Thats humanity. And once you figure it out youre probably die. Yeah yeah that sounds about right. Heidi give us give us the plug. When does the book become available. In fact it may well be that we will drop this by the time it's available to everyone as well. [15.4]
[00:22:30] Yes so the book is available on Amazon from me. And yeah it's available on both paperback. Kendall called cloning your clients. And I don't know when this will be going out but there are a couple of things you should know. [18.8]
[00:22:50] So between the ninth and the well you can pick up the Kindle version for 99 cents. Now that's us it's like one oh one in Australia. [11.8]
[00:23:01] Don't yell at me please. And if you purchase either version of the book by the twenty third of May. And for me your receipt. I'm doing are readers Q and A so that I can answer any questions that have come up while you've been reading or implementing what you've learned from the book to get you on the path to being able to come back and love it. [26.0]
[00:23:28] Well you know what I've just made a split decision because you can do this when you're a solo piano running your own podcast. I'm going to bump Sean shows up next but it sort of you know you're going after high. And it's actually in the life of me in Australia right now. So I don't I don't I have a different stores work that I might be available already. So I entered this and pull up right now my b. I have no idea. I don't know how to handle it. Yeah. It's always every every store does it differently. Sometimes they wait for the American Time to roll around. Or sometimes I get a little bit less then we'll get the iPhone's 15 hours before everyone else see. We're nice to you. Thank you for making the touch and it's always a pleasure to have a chat to you with the image of your other like as like totally go by the book. Hopefully if you haven't got the details for the book and just read one of the podcasting at that but give yourself a plug on the podcast and the collective and I kind of thing as well. [54.1]
[00:24:22] Yes sure. Well I should mention that if you go for the book to have of your wedding there's an attack slash clone it'll direct you here. Korac to country store. So regardless of where you are in the world we'll take you to the right place. [13.9]
[00:24:36] That's a bit nerdy. It's great. NASA's very happy to find out how to do it. [4.6]
[00:24:43] And yes so I have podcast it's called the eve of your wedding business podcast and it's all focussed on. [8.4]
[00:24:52] The business side of this whole wedding business thing. [4.1]
[00:24:56] You can find that on 18 months or go to of of your wedding as a stockholm's items that are redirected. [6.8]
[00:25:04] And as I just mentioned I have a community called the wedding business killer debt. And that consists of a couple different pieces. [10.3]
[00:25:14] So it's every course I've ever created on everything. So everything from you know email marketing Facebook ads blogging you name it and there and we also have a group coaching element to add series Watergate questions answer get things are reviewed and get feedback and we have a really great community of wanting professionals from all around the world who are in there helping each other out and chiming in with really pretty brilliant ideas. [33.5]
[00:25:48] I always ask them to have someone other than me you know swing in and answer a question in a way that I definitely wouldn't have thought of it. [8.4]
[00:25:57] So you can find out about that at the wedding business collective dot com boresome work Heidi. [4.8]
[00:26:02] Thanks for making it time and good luck with the book launch. It's it's a it's a daunting thing I've thought about like just kind of fantasize about releasing a book over the last couple of years. And I haven't just because I don't know the thing about that place in life yet. But even just the idea of doing it before I even put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. [21.3]
[00:26:24] I think that when no one buys it it's a scary process. A high fives are you giving it a shot. [7.8]
[00:26:33] Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. [2.1]